Why do some people have no fingerprints ?


A new study suggests that due to the mutation of a rare gene, some people were born without finger prints .Fingerprint Free Disorder is called ‘Immigration Disease Diabetes’ at home, because in some countries the fingerprint can not be entered without the print . Its scientific name is Adermatoglyphia. Scientists call these small, unique grooves of your hands and feet as Dermatoglifs .

Fingerprint is produced only when most people are in the mother’s womb, only 24 weeks of pregnancy . But at least 4 families around the world have no impression in their finger . It may seem that, it is a ticket to free life crime. But some unpleasant side effects of the Adermatoglyphia also show that the skin is found to be bloating or facial cyst.

Researchers at Israel’s Tel Aviv Solaski Medical Center examined a Swiss family infected with Adermatoglyphia . Comparison of the 7-member genome that had fingerprints with the nine genome genome that had no finger print on their family.

They recognized the disease by seeing the mutation of chromosomes 4 . There are a total of 46 chromosomes in humans, which are in 23 pairs, half of their attachment comes from the mother and the other half comes from father . SMARCAD1 regulates the number of genes related to gene development. Members of the Adermatoglyphia in the Swiss family have a short version of SMARCAD1 gene, which is published only on skin. Also, this mutation reduces the number of swollen glands in the palm of the person with this disorder.

Tel Aviv Solaski Medical Center researcher Eli Sprcher said in a statement that SMARCAD1 is very little known about the work of gene . But the experience of research done on the Swiss family has been advised that graft glands and skin folds can both affect the genetics that the gene can control by SMARCAD1 gene.

Sprayer said unusual finger print can sometimes cause serious problems. Our research helps to understand whether it affects the skin or not any other disease.


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