Eight things that are daily damaging your brain


The eight things that are daily damaging your brain The brain is the most complex part of your body. It is involved in every fine work of the body. So it needs special care. I know about 8 daily things that are harmful for the brain, today’s features.

1. Stress : Stress affects the brain. Corticosteroid compounds are known in the brain because of strokes. This hormone influences neurons and makes neurons naturally contagious. According to the research done by Iowa University of America, there is a change in the brain in people with regular strokes and this results in short-term memory loss.

2. Smoking : Smoking has harmful effects on health, but it has the most effect on the brain. Smoking results in reducing blood flow in the brain, not only because it reduces the repairs of organs, and increases the likelihood of stroke.

3. Alcohol : Research by Rutguru University reveals that if the consumption of alcohol in excess of medium is broken, the structural integrity of the brain will be lost and 40% of brain cells will be reduced.

4. Less sleep : If you stay sleepy, it will affect your brain’s work. It will not only affect your consciousness but also affect your focus’s ability, memory and mood.

5. People not exercise : Exercise improves stress and improves circulation. If the exercise does not increase the production of hormones and other harmful chemicals in the body. Cognitive skills and memory reduction tend to be seen.

6. Junk Food : Junk food changes the intestinal hygienic bacteria that affect brain health. As a result, affecting your mood only can change your behavior, increase anxiety, increase the risk of depression and weaken the memory.

7. Insecticide : Most of the fruits and vegetables we buy are mostly pesticides. The effect of pesticides on the brain has resulted in the death of neurons. If you take pesticides for long period, then Parkinson’s Disease may occur.

8. Air pollution : Research done by North Carolina University has shown that both home and outdoor air pollutants can cause inflammation in the airway, due to which the brain cells die.


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