In case of CVC TC’s why polyester part is dyed before cotton, find out


CVC – Cheaf Value of Cotton
It is Cotton Polymer Blended Fabric in which there is Cotton more than Polyester.


PC- Poly Cotton
This also polyester cotton blended fabric where polyester is more than cotton.


TC- Teriline Cotton
It is more than Polyester / Terrellin Cotton Blended Fabric, this fabric is more than the ratio of polyester / terillin.


Glass Transition Temperature means when the temperature starts to rise, the TG polisher 110 cotton 60 means that its temperature range of dying, such as 110,60, is also on the stripping temperature and above.


Temperature Factor:
“Here, a part of the cotton and polyester blend will be dunked before it depends on the polymer’s morphology of fiber. Such that polyester is 100% crystalline and both cotton emphys and crystalline are the other difference between the Tg temperature, such as Cotton’s TG 100 of 60% polyester. Cotton Fiber Rectified Dyeing, it absorbs the color within 40-80 degrees. But if more temperature is fiber sealing and colored, it will be 100-130 degree in the polygon. It will be colored in high pressure. Here the temperature range is more than the polyester because the polyester part is dyed before and if the polyester dye after dipping the reactiv or cotton part before crossing the 80 degree or the fixing temperature. Then the color bleeding will start up to 130 degree while the fiber is solved. Cotton part’s color will not be there.


Shade Factor:
The thickness of the blend is very high in cotton and shed-matching or finishing through the Cotton Part dyeing. So if the polyester is not done before, then there will be difficulty for shed matching of the dye scales. Here the temperature range is more than the polyester because the polyester part is dyed before. If the polyester dyeing was done after the dyeing before the reactive or cotton part, then fiber sails when crossing 80 degrees or the fixing temperature. If the color bleeding will start up to 130, Cotton Part’s color will not be there.


Information About Poly Cotton Blend:
Some times, a bath part is dined in dyeing or dingle part is dinged.Cotton part dyeing is a reactive and polyester part dyeing. Disperse are to be done separately in both different and semi-sedative matching, and according to the blending ratio of the shade%. The polyester part should be dunked. Temperature range should be dated to 130 degrees Cotton, after the dyeing temperature range 60-80 degree rock portion is just scratched for bleach and bottle part. After dividing both parts, after the polyester part dyeing, the cotton part is reducted. And if the single part dyeing, it does not have to be reducted. After dyeing a single part, the clothes remain white. Cotton Part is usually made on an atomicidal machine or high temperature machine. High temperature high pressure when dyeing machine is used to dye the polyester part.




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