Reasons behind not getting Textiles jobs


Responsible Reasons are being made without textile engineers:

Textile Garment Job’s policy is different than regular jobs, but there is no standard recruitment.After applying, whether or not the job will be done, or if you want to know how to apply it will be understood with some signs.



1. The first problem is that the graduates are confused about Viva, the interview because there is no standard recruitment system.
Direct join with CV = Job
Interview = Job
Written + Interview = Job
Written + Interview + Presentation = Job

99% of the textile graduates does not do so, this is the main reason for being disqualified.


2. One of the companies of one of the Textile recruits a panel by reciting the full compilation of the Graduate, so that anyone can take it from the Incomplete so that according to the organizational arrangement, there is a disqualification quiz if the condition is not filtered.


3. Institution Mentioned Organizations such as DBL Group where BUTEX, AUST do not give priority to the students of other Institutions, so if applying for such organizations, the institution’s qualifying qualification 100% .


4. Textile Graduate has changed frequently job without notice, which embarrasses companies, so many organizations work 2-3 years in the condition of the job and the original certificate covers the conditions of the job, and if not given, chance of disqualification is 100%.

5. Initial salary graduates are fixed in the factories, and in the initial stage it is very low and the fresher people leave the job one after the other in hopes of more salaries, which results in many jobs not found.

6. Not to be minimized IQ, many frustrated graduates are unfounded for textile jobs, such as not being able to say basic things like Count.

7. Many flowering department does not get the time fixed by many graduate brothers for specific department such as merchandising.

8. If the applicant does not understand the requirements of the job circular, then the CVs will be rejected, and if the call is not answered by 90%

9. CV quality is a big problem such as CV Bank in multi-national shoots, where there is a CV bank, there is a lot of probability to not receive the receipt after the CV once was reconnected.

10. In the interview board, the reason for not being patient is not textile, because the candidates in the Viva Board were kept in a position to test their patience, in order to test the patience of Maximum Student.

11. According to the policy, if the applicant does not take the applicant’s liability or referrals, then the probability of your job is 90%.

12. As a result of some factorial recruitment policies such as whether the engineers will be recruited from the government and private institution, their policies are mentioned so that you can understand yourself whether the recruitment is dependent on your institution.

13. Pure textile or production jobs are offered at the private institute’s Student’s Chance, where they are offered at 20/80, Graduate Preferable of the Government Institutional in Production Job Merchandising Marketing.

14. The company does not want to take this textile engineer if it is not the least basic on Viva Board, many children who do not want to take textile engineer management at the IQ less than four years of studying can not define the Count.

15. Major Subject Factor Some times some of the department’s job is to be replaced by the Major Subject, beyond which the Grace of other subjects is not taken, Garments are not available in the warehouse of dye or lab.

16. The quality of the factory is low, the quality is not appreciated, if the buyer is not good, then those fitters do not take the export quality.

17. If the management is non-tech (GM, AGM, ED) technicians do not want to take a guy or engineer, instead the engineer takes the chemical engineer.

18. Depending on the posting, degree and salary are determined which BSc Diploma is different because of this,BSM is less taken in the lab and the diploma less on the floor.

19. Asked for more than the salaried criteria for their post if they want to be salvaged, they are disqualified for their job.

20. For each post, there is a work experience and work age, which you can not apply for those posts.

21. Garments, people of fabric can not be able to do dyeing, but people of the ding can apply anywhere, so people in garment, fabric can not take dyeing.

22. Those who have the ability to recruiter, such as GM, AGM, the response to our jobs is less in Bangladesh.

23. Based on quorum-based jobs such as IE, students of textile student IP (SUST) apply 90% of their seats to SUST leading to IE.

24. According to Recruitment Chance Puerility% Reference

Owner / Director 100%

ED 80/20%

GM 90%

AGM 60/40%

Buyer 80/20%

Merchandiser 60/40%

Production Manager 50/50%

Asst Manager 40/60%

PO/APO 20/80%

Due to the above reasons, they are responsible for the recruitment of Graduate Engineers of the Factories, which will not be your job, because they can see the bullet. But I would say a word because the competition in textile garments sector has increased so the recruiter has brought a huge change in their policies and it is becoming more difficult by day their recruitment policy.


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