Forgot to wet the gram? Don`t worry, only 30 minutes to soften the gram!


Without the grams, the iftar becomes imperfect. But if you want to eat softer sesame seeds, then it is necessary to wet the gram in the night before or at least in the morning. If it do not wet 6/7 hours, then the gram vetch does not blister, so the softness is not done after boiling. Want to eat softer and delicious gram soup without being soaked? Not many, it takes only 30 minutes. Let’s know, however, is a witch’s way.



What it needs ?

Gram 250 g
2 liters of boiling hot water
Pressure cooker


Do that :

  • Take a powdered Vetch and wash it in a large container.
  • Then boil the hot water in the center of stirring.
  • Keep it with a cover lid.
  • Keep it in like 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Now put a pressure cooker with the gramy water.
  • Water in such a way that the gram Vetch is drowning like water.
  • Pressure stove in the pressure cooker stove to squeeze more.
  • Wait until the whistle is played. Take out the oven from 3 to 5 cylinders.
  • Do not remove the cooker from the oven, keep it as it is. Let all steam yourself out from the pressure cooker.
  • Then open up, make your gram vetch boiled. Now cook this gram as a choice.

Emergency Tips :

Many grated Vetch pressure cooker takes time to be blossom or boiled.
If you do not see that the gram is bloated or not done, then there are a few more minutes to stop the pressure cooker lid. The best way to keep the gram one-hour instead of 20 minutes. But if you want to hasten it,then 20 minutes will be enough.


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