Is Textile engineers can not compete in other sectors?


If other engineers can do all the jobs, then I’m a textile engineer. I can do all the job.

If an engineer wants to be everything, but why not a textile engineer? Maximum Textile engineers are so dependent on their own sectors that they are unemployed for long but they do not want to migrate the sector. There are many special people who are now out of the traditional trend and think.


Such as:

1. There are now Textile Engineers who are getting BCS’s Choice, although there is no quota for us, they are competing with others and earning their place.

2. Police SI will now find textile engineer.

3. BUET -IP will have a textile engineer every time.

4. IBA DU JU EMBA is now a textile engineer.

5. There is a textile engineer at the bank’s recruitment of any bank.

6. Textile Engineer is appointed as a non-cadre in every PSC.

7. TV news reader and textile engineer.

8. Textile engineers are now free lancers.

9. The government is considering the inclusion of textile in BCS on its front.The main reason for the textile’s unemployment is that we are sitting with a misconception that there is a lot of money that is not right. The story that has been written in the name of millions of rupees is not enough to wait for 15 years like textile in any sector or after earning commission on illegal means after that, but telecom (rural, airtel, Robi) or banks Think about those whose startings are hendoms, which are not mentioned after 2-3 years, also do not have to get the color of the film, clothes on illegally.


If we are dependent on textile, then the competition will increase unemployment among ourselves, the competition will increase and the relationship will be lost in our ownership of this opportunity. Then this textile engineer will become cheaper. Textile is not absolutely pure engineering, it can be a very honors equivalent and a honors equivalent student can study in any sector and do education.


Consciousness itself, if you are a little aware then you will not have to worry about the carrier’s frustration.


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