How to get back Your deleted videos/image on Android phones


Many times, by mistakes you delete many pictures, videos  from the Smartphone . We do not understand many things in the store on the smartphone, which one is worth nothing and what is useless. It is seen in many cases that things have been deleted.


In the smartphone world, Android phones are euphoria. Find out how to get back  photos or videos that are deleted on the Android phone. Find out where Android phones are stored and videos are stored. If there is a store in pictures or videos, then there is no problem.

If you delete the picture from here, you can get help from multiple ‘Recovery Software’ online.In the meantime, there is a recovery software called ‘Rakuva’


Things to worry about when deleting images or videos from the Android phone’s internal memory or phone memory. In this case, you can expect a little ‘Disk Digger App.

But keep in mind the alert before using this app. Because ‘Disk Digger App’  will work on rooted Android devices. There are several online tutorials for how to root android phone.

When a file is deleted on Android Mobile, only the information is deleted from the system. Until it is overwritten in that file space, there is a possibility of recovering it. So, save the file to any system update or phone memory until the deleted file is recovered, save the document file.

  • You can get this ‘Disk Digger’ apps  from Google Play Store.

And follow this step :

  1. When the download is complete, open the ‘Disk Digger’ app.
  2. And mark the location that has been deleted from the file.
  3. Select File Type. JPG, not PNG or MP4
  4. Click the OK button and after that the app will scan the search for delete photos and videos.
  5. When the scan ends, a list of ‘Disk Digger’ delete files will appear.Then click on save button.Where to save the files, show the place.


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