Many of these 6 wrong ideas are believed about teeth


The pre-conditions of a beautiful smile are the beautiful teeth. It is said that if there’s teeth then you don’t understand the value of teeth. This is quite true of the fact. There is some strange myth that we believe about tooth. But these beliefs are not acceptable. Know some kind of myth about tooth that is not true.


1. Brush the tooth after eating:
Many people brush their teeth after eating food. Undoubtedly this is a good practice. But should not brush your teeth with food. Enamel material is temporarily enamel when the food is done while brushing, there is a possibility of dental damage. So the best way to brush teeth after 30-40 minutes of eating.


2. If you put your teeth in soda or soft drinks, then your teeth melt:
Due to soft drinks, dental damage can be accomplished, but it is not possible to cause dental molestation. Basically, the levels of acid of soft drinks vary in the degree of internal pH of the mouth, and the neck enclosed in the neck of the dental hygiene becomes soft. But it is not possible to melt teeth.


3. Only sugar is harmful for teeth:
The idea of ​​eating more sugar and sugar related food is harmful for the teeth. Due to many dental problems, we mainly blame sugar. But sugar is not usually responsible for dental damage. Sugar gives birth to one type of bacteria inside our mouth, causing damage to our teeth. And these bacteria can be present after eating carbohydrate food as well.


4. Tooth can be broken due to excessive temperature:
It is also true that additional temperatures are harmful for teeth. So the idea that ice will break the teeth due to the cold ice cream is wrong. A healthy adult tooth has the ability to withstand the temperature.


5. Flossing only removes food particles:
Flossing does not remove food particles only. By flushing teeth, it is possible to remove the accumulated plaque from the teeth gaps, which can not be done through the brush. If you think that you can protect the teeth without flushing you are mistaken.


6. Tooth whitening is not good:
If you take the dentists process for whitening your tooth then it is absolutely safe. Dentist suggests those teeth whitening materials which are suitable for your teeth. So you can go to the dentist or to do some domestic ways to whiten your teeth.


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