Important information for diploma in engineers government jobs .


Here are some information for students who are going to apply for government jobs by completing Diploma in Engineering.


Candidates who have passed on any other subject may not be able to apply without mentioning the subject / technology / trade related to the educational qualification in the notice. The notification often requires diploma-in-engineering degree of first grade or minimum grade 2 degree. If there is a shortage of qualifications, then it is best not to apply.


GPA-3.00 or more = 1st class.

GPA- 2.25 to 3.00 below = 2nd class.

GPA- Under 2.25 = 3rd class.

The 8th semester is studying or finishing but the final result is not published, in this case you can’t apply for government service. The original certificate was not received, but the results were published on the top, in case of applying for government jobs-

If you have to apply online, then the original certificate is not required, only the time for interview examination will be required.

If you still do not get the certificate, then you can withdraw the temporary certificate from the technical education board.

After passing the Preliminary or Eligibility Test by the Public Service Commission (BSPC), the photocopy of the certificate with “BPSC Form-3” will be submitted before the written examination. If you do not get the certificate, then you can submit the form with a temporary certificate.

If you want to apply for a written form if the photocopy of the certificate ask for showing then you can not apply without a certificate, if not ask you can apply. Only interview examinations will be required.

CGPA Grading Method of Diploma in Engineering:

80 -100 = A + = 4.00 = 1st class

75-79 = A = 3.75 = 1st class

70-74 = A- = 3.50 = 1st class

65-69 = B + = 3.25 = 1st class

60-64 = B = 3.00 = 1st class

55-59 = B- = 2.75 = 2nd class

50-54 = C + = 2.50 = 2nd class

45-49 = C = 2.25 = 2nd class

40-44 = D = 2.00 = 3rd class.


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