Do that Immediate at the bite of dogs


Accidents can happen suddenly on the streets.Dog can bite. Dog bite is a lot more dangerous and painful.Dog bites can cause rabies. Rabies virus is a rabies disease. It is a neurological disease.


The rabies virus can be caused by a wound from the dog saliva and it can cause nerves from there.There is a problem in nerves when rabies occurs.

That is why the brain may cause inflammation.Intestinal cont

raction in the brain may be accompanied by inflammation in the brain. Besides, the patient cannot bear any light or noise. If all these symptoms have occurred, then the patient should be taken to the doctor.

However, there are some initial steps to take in dog bite.These actions can be prevented from fatal effects.

Clean the wound:
First hold a wound position with a clean towel.Then clean the wound with the soap water in the bite of the dog. Good to use of antibacterial soap. It removes bacteria and other germs. But do not rub too much trouble when cleaning the wound.

Stop Blood Bleeding:
Hold it for a while by pressing the wound. This will stop blood Bleeding

Apply antibacterial cream or an appointment to the wound. Then make a bandage of well with a yard cloth. If the wound is open, then many diseases can enter the germs.

Going to the doctor:
After the initial treatment, go to the doctor and at the suggestion of tetanus injection. After biting the dog, it is necessary to give tetanus injection. This injection should be given within 24 hours of dog bite.

The dog bites many times in a mentally broken manner. He must give confidence that he will recover again. After giving primary treatment, the patient must be taken to the doctor.


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