Find out the official level titles of garment and its work


Garment’s official level designations:

Management section:
He may be the owner of the company himself, and may be the only investor in the field, depending on the policy of the company.


Managing Director:
He may be the owner of the company himself or he can be recruited in the field, depending on the company’s policy.He directs marketing directly to the country and overseas the company’s finance expenditure.

He is usually recruited and the salary is paid.The wages of these rank officers (from two lakh to five lakh rupees) can be done by the organization, but in particular, these class officials earn a percentage of the company’s total income.The large group of companies have 3-4 people and the director together.To achieve this post, you need to have experience in the field of garments between 20-25 years.To be extremely skilled at the production and marketing level. Originally, these post officials help themselves in order to bring order in the garments by meeting with the buyer abroad, but the company has the chairmanship and managing director working on this.

Merchandising / Marketing section:

Merchandising / Marketing Manager / Gm
The main person of this department is the person named this position.This person has to account all about production / shipments to management.Why does the production not be on time, why does the shipment happen on time, this person has to account for all this accountability?

Inner posters are:
• Assistant Merchandiser/ Marketing Manager.
• Senior Merchandiser
• Merchandiser
• Assistant Merchandiser.
• Trainee Merchandiser.

Work and benefits of Merchandiser / Marketing Manager / GM: Basically, the main responsibility of this post , to prepare orders in right time.Those tasks are given to the designated officers referred by the company in order to finish them well. The salary of this post based on organization (70 thousand to two lakh taka). They enjoy various facilities such as official transport, special bonuses, business tours in different countries etc. To gain this post, you will need to know English very well and have the mentality to work with great talent and patience. It is very useful to come to this post if you have own identity in the market and job skills. All the officials under this post are bound to obey him and listen to his commands.

Assistant Merchandising / Marketing Manager: This post is available based on company. The responsibility of this post is to help the manager. There is not much difference in salary between manager and this post .

Senior Merchandiser: The main task of this post is to follow up one or two buyers in his own way. He works through the Merchandiser and Assistant Merchandiser. Apart from this, he is the person to buy all kinds of yarn / clothes and accessories used in the making of clothes and to in-house these for production at the right time. This type of post is paid by the company (50 thousand to 1 lakh).

Merchandiser: The officer in charge of this post works under the command of his senior. And this type of person gets a wage based on company (Tk 25 thousand to 50 thousand taka).

Assistant Merchandiser:The officer in charge of this position works following the orders of his senior merchandiser. This type of person gets a wage from company (Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000).
Trainee Merchandiser:The officer of this position is works hard to step up. So he has to act according to the orders of his senior, the merchandiser and the manager. And this type of person gets a wage from company (Tk 8 thousand to 10 thousand taka).

How Merchandising / Marketing section you can avail job:
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