Learn how to remove viruses!


Many computer users know that if you set up Windows, only the system drive that is the operating system installed on the drive is formatted. Other drives remain unchanged. As a result, if the system has a virus on the system, it will be deleted. But the other viruses of the virus are sitting in the PC as before. Many viruses on them are so deadly that antivirus can not be installed for them, then these PCs will remain in the PC.

So there is no way without formatting a PC? Of course there are.

Generally, the virus that does not allow you to install antivirus on your PC or because you do not have antivirus, because they are active on your PC, they can prevent you from installing antivirus and also lose your antivirus capability.So do something like, the virus is not active.

The virus is activated on PC only when you open your PC’s drive. Suppose, there is a virus on your PC.



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