Do you know why the liver is wasted or crushed ??


Liver is one of the main components of human body. Liver health is very important to manage the normal functioning of the body. But due to some bad habits, the liver is facing severe harm every time. As a result, many people have experienced serious problems like liver damage. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this being lost.

1) The reason for the loss of the liver is delayed due to delayed sleeping and delayed sleeping. The entire cycle of the physical cycle continued to occur and on the liver, after its fatal effects.

2) Many people wake up in the morning, but they do not go to the bathroom, but they are inclined to swim in the urine. This causes pressure on the liver and liver loses normal performance.

3) Excessive eating habits are harmful to the liver. Many people ate a lot more than once and ate many times. Suddenly, after the pressure on the liver, and the risk of liver damage may occur.

4) It is harmful to the liver due to not eating morning meal. As the stomach is empty for a while, liver also has lost the ability to feed other bodies as well as lack of food.

5) Liver damage is done when playing too much medicine. Especially the reduction in liver functioning due to pain medication. Also the side effects of the medication are liver damage.
Due to this, the risk of liver damage can occur.

6) Anything rich in chemical is harmful for the liver. But for the sake of laziness and taste, many of us have developed habit of eating preservative food, artificial food color, artificial sugar, etc., which is one of the reasons for liver damage.

7) Bad oil and extra oils are deadly harmful to the liver. If you eat too much of the same oil repeatedly frozen food or burnt oil, the liver is losing its normal performance.

8) Eating extra raw foods is a serious harm to the liver. For example, if you are eating too much raw fruits or vegetables, it is necessary to work extra for digestion. This also affects the liver. So do not eat extra.

9) Drinking excess quantity of alcohol is another basic cause of liver damage.Alcohol’s harmful ingredients cause liver damage.


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