You can also use some naughty idea to save money


Many of us save money. Many people can not do it again.And we have a lot of anxiety about saving the money. Then the way? If you ask, how do you deposit money? Keep the money in the bank? Keep the money under the pillow or pillow, forget it? Many hide the money in a secret place where there is no sash with hands. If you need to get out of there money. But the expense of which is not a trick.Piggy bank, when hand tilting, hinges on the hidden corner of the Almira or breaks it. For them, some nasty ideas to save money.

  • Once everybody has gone to the Food Court. Made a card by eating and drinking. Keep these money in more than four or five food court cards. Whatever the cost, cash then Keep these cards out of care. Every time you go to the Food Court, add at least Tk 100 more. If you have an average of 500 rupees on four or five cards, how much money is saved?

2. If you have money in hand, then buy two gifts that can be given to boys and girls. When friends or colleagues ask to go to an invitation, tell them that you have a new purchase offer. Gift the hand in one hand and take the money in the other. Or keep gifts for home invitations too. If the marriage ends at the end of the month, then do not give up on the head.

3. Circulation, trustworthy, someone will give you money. Do not ask for a refund of that money soon. After that, when you need your money, you will give them ‘Zina Haram’ to ask for money back.

4. Convert surplus money into foreign currency and keep it in the bank locker. Dollars more expensive than the dollar. Pound price is about 100 taka. If you earn 500 paisa per month, you can buy 5 pounds without spending it here, but you earn 60 pounds a year. The price of foreign currencies will not increase if the book decreases. When you increase the price of pounds, dollars or euros in the money you bought, then convert them to Indian currencies. It will also save the money and also lay eggs.

5. First of the month, give some money to the person who is the most cumbersome and miserable in the house. He will not make money easily, only if you really need it.


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