Mysteries of 5 secret places in Bangladesh


We all have some interest in the mysterious things. Many say there is nothing to say about the mysteries in the world. Even if it is said in the face, if a discussion begins with the mystery then the interest of the eagle man does not end. The world will remain as long as the world remains there. There are some places around us that have been hidden from the year after year. It was not possible to uncover the mystery. Just like Bangladesh, there are many mysterious places. Among the best 5 mysterious places

  • Guns of Barisal: Mysteries of Bangladesh are mysterious places! It started from the British period. When the British came to Barisal, it was named after Bakerganj. The British civil surgeon in Bakerganj mentioned the incident of the first guns of Barisal. Before the rainy season came, the mysterious cannon smell came from the deep sea. The British thought that there might be a pirate , But not a pirate. Someone could not even find a search after searching. The words that were heard in the sound of the waves were more similar to the words of the waves than the words of the cannon.
  • Sometimes a sound was heard, and sometimes two or three words could be heard together. The words were heard from the south and southeast. The words could be heard from October to February. And the mystery of that word could not penetrate even today. Our famous poet Sufia Kammal wrote this autobiography about this cannon daga in such a mysterious way. He had heard from his friends the mystery of his mystery. Maybe there is a gasfield in the sea which is still dead. No dead volcano or no mystery. However, the matter is still as an unstable story.
  • Baga Lake: Mysteries of Bangladesh are 5 mysterious places! See also before the Kaokaradong Mountains, Ruposhi Baga Lake. According to the fairytale of the Vamas, a dragon lived here long ago. That dragon would eat small children. The people of the village get bored and kill the dragon, and a loud fire and noise from the mouth bursts out of the mouth. The sign of the lake has been written in the Upazila Parishad’s signboard. It is astonished that no one can measure or estimate the depth of this lake till date. Mysteriously, the water of this lake is changed several times every year. Although there is no water, no one can say why the water of the lake turns water. However, the mystery of this lake is not possible for anyone to penetrate this mystery till date.
  • Chikon Kala (Nifu Para): Mysteries of Bangladesh are 5 mysterious places! It is located in the middle of Bangladesh and Myanmar, which we call No Mens Lending. There you will see Harhmsa wherever you go, the leopard’s bark is spreading all over. What should be 12pm? Harhmsa will see the peg and peacock. You can hear tiger and bear words during the day. The people of chicken people every year or even though they can not specifically specify that day, on that day suddenly the mysterious words are coming from the forest. The word is very loud-like noise. Whenever the hunters hear the sound, they all run away from the forest. But some unfortunate people go behind every year and once those who fall behind do not return again. A few days later their bodies were found in the forest. No signs of injuries in the body, only the impression is found. But nobody knows what its mystery remains today.
  • Swatch of No Ground: Mysteries of Bangladesh are 5 mysterious places. The place where the Meghna river meets the sea is called Swatch of No Ground or the unexplored. Many years ago the British went through this name. The reason is that it has suddenly increased or deepened in the sea where it was mixed. The idea of ​​the British is that there is no floor in this ocean floor. It’s not called locals left. The place is like the Mariana Tange. Many people mention it as the world’s second largest alloy. It is believed to have been created almost 1,25,000 years ago since today. Since the formation of the Gangetic delta, the ground floor gradually moved away in the direction of the second wave. It’s not always possible to measure its depth. Nobody knows whether it will be possible. But this mystery has been mystery.
  • The tunnel of Lalbagh Fort: Mysteries of Bangladesh are mysterious places! This Lalbagh fort built in the Mughal period. There is a lot of talk about this. The tunnel of the Lalbagh Fort is particularly popular and discussed in its midst. If the zamindars saw any danger, this tunnel would have fled to Delhi. The mystery of this tunnel is that once it enters the tunnel, he does not return or find him again. In view of this, some foreign scientists once sent two dogs but the two dogs did not return. Later, two dogs were told to send two iron chains to the neck of two horses while some of the dogs returned to the iron chain, but no signs of the dog or horse were found. According to many, there is a type of gas that affects the bones of any organism, the body melts, and somebody’s idea is that there is a kind of force in which it can not return to any organism.

But this tunnel is so dark that no torch or light is useful in it.  The tunnel is currently closed on the government’s direction. It is not possible to break the mystery of this mysterious tunnel in Lalbagh Fort. I do not know whether it will be possible to penetrate its mystery.


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