Some unknown mysteries about Rain


Rain water, the purest water of nature. There is nothing wrong in rain water. But before drinking it, we must clean it. Rain water has many health benefits. It contains natural minerals, which are very useful for health. But, before drinking it must be cleaned.


Rain means one thing to the Bengali’s is another matter. The people of the state of acute heat are waiting for the same as the predatory bird. However, many surprising facts about the rain may be unknown to us. Let’s know the benefits and various information-

1. Washing clothes with rain water increases the brightness of clothes. Actually, soap and detergent in the rain water do much more than the normal water.

2. Although there may be rain, there may not be water droplets in the streets.Because, if there is no rain in hot spots, then the rain is steam before it is read on the ground.

3. In the desert, the lowest rainfall is low in Antarctica.

4. There is no reason to think that rain drops mean water. Because there are some planets and satellites, including Venus, Moon, where there is rains from sulfuric acid or methane. Even 5000 light years away, there is a planet where there is rain from the iron.

5. The skin, hair is much more beautiful and bright when bathing in rain water and drinking this water.

6. Those who see the size of the raindrops, it is wrong to notice that it is the tears of the tears, because the average amount of rain drops can be as 0.1 to 9 millimeters.

7. The speed of rainfall can be 18 to 22 kilometers per hour.When it rains, there is a smell from the soil.

8. In this state it is known as smell odor. This smell comes from the bacteria on the ground.

9. Cleaning things with rain water gives a lot of brilliance and surprises like new ones.

10. Acid rains still somewhere in the world.

11. No one goes to the office after the rain in Portugal.


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