The inventors who died because of their own inventions

  • Thomas Andrew

He was RMS. One of the main naval architects of the Titanic. He also got a place on the first trip to Titanic. Andrew was concerned about Titanic’s fragility. So he advised to make the ship two layers and said that instead of 20, there would be 46 lifeboats. But he did not listen to the excuse for the cost reduction. On April 15, 1912, when Titanic was sinking in the floating ice, he saved many lives by risking his own life. She was seen sitting in a room in the last class of the room while crying while smoking. His dead body was never recovered.

  • William Bullock

The genius of the United States invented news circulating rotary machine or rotary machine in 1863, and contributed immensely to the print media of the nineteenth century. But due to his invention of fate, he has to leave the world’s illusion.

On April 3, 1867, when controlling the gear of his rotary machine in Philadelphia, USA, unfortunately, he rolled a roll of machine afterwards and then his legs were broken. At the same time, due to the lack of services and the treatment, this unfortunate genius has two reverses. Eventually doctors decided to cut the two legs of Bullock, but Bullock left before leaving the Maya on April 12, 1867.

  • Francis Edgar Stanley

Photographic Dry Plate Detector. Which he had sold to Eastman-Kodak named George Eastman. And with that money, he established the Stanley Motor Carrier Company. From this company, he invented many steam-powered automatic gases. Their name was Stanley Steamers. Francis Stanley was testing a steamer on July 13, 1918, but in the meantime, in the meantime, to save some livestock, a wooden mattress collided with an accident and died.

  • Jean-Fran├žois Pilatre Rozier

He was a French chemist and physicist. He is called the original father of the airplane. He made the first hot balloon flight in 1783. He was also the first to experiment with hydrogen propellants. But while running the test, he lost his hair and eyebrows. That is why he did not run such tests. On July 15, 1785, when he passed the English Channel on the balloon, he was killed with the passenger.

  • Louis Lolin

The US nuclear physicist worked on the US nuclear project Manhattan Project during World War II. During a research on plutonium, a solid explosion of radiation releases is released as a result of the fission reaction. Realizing what happened, the heroes returned to the body with the body itself. But others fled to the mountains. On May 30, 1946, he died due to radioactivity.

  • Carole Sasuke

This daring inventor of Czechoslovakia discovered a barrel that did not get any jerking inside. Through this, he jumped several times over the Niagara Falls. In the same sequence, he invented a new capsule, which was dropped down from Houston Astroodom on experimental basis on January 20, 1985. But that was lost to him and Sausak died as a result.

  • horace lawson hunley

Horace Lason Hanley was a Marine Engineer. He first invented the Combat Submarine, it was named CS Hanley. But unfortunately, in 1863, once the submarine had a mechanical problem, it could not float, then he went to test it and drowned with seven crew members.

  • valerian abakovsky

The inventor of the arrowser is It was also called aaowagan. Which was originally a steam powered propeller driven train car. It was designed to allow railway executives to speed up the vast land of Siberia. On July 24, 1921, 25-year-old Abakovsky was taking 22 senior officials from Tula to Moscow. Then everyone was killed in the accident.

  • Marie Curie

The Queen, who won two Nobel Prizes for her outstanding contributions to chemistry, Mary Curie. The first lander or pioneer of radioactive rays in the field of radiation was the French native of Poland. There are many different uses of the modern science of his invented formula. He is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize twice.

In the beginning of the nineteenth century, this great woman handed herself completely to the discovery of the discovery of research. For the day’s intellectual search, forget about your body and health. Thus, because of his ignorance of his body, he may have died in his body at some point of time. And in the side effects of radioactive rays, two eyes are lost in the eyes completely blind. Finally, in 1934, these little-known women died.

  • Jimi heselden

Jimmy Hesselden, the British billionaire founder of Segway, is the founder of the modern two-wheeler car company. Jimmy Hesselden died on September 26, 2015, in a nearby river of his home while driving his company’s two-wheeled two-wheel-drive vehicle. The billionaire Jimmy Hesselden’s wealth was 166 million pounds.



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