Do not get the courage to break the peas if you hear what is made with nuts!


Nuts have not been able to break the granules. But she did not mistake her little more. It is also a fun to drop nut shells on the spots in the spinning wheel. But after reading this news, it is far away to remove the peanut peas, and if you see Chinaman, you will run away.Chinadam and love relationship? When two people are together, how many ways are going on together. However, there may be no recourse for this.

You know, what is made of chinabadam? Which is made, there is no contact with love, it is destruction Dynamite! By the way, yes, it seems to make dynamite.

Nuts are just oil. Chinaman is also there. According to a report by Ebela, glycerol is made from the oil of the spinach. Glycerol is the main component of nitroglycerin. What is nitroglycerin? This is a very ‘unstable’ explosive!

Accidents may occur even when there is a slight shock in hand. Dynamite is made with this material mixed with clay, wood powder etc. So you understand? Today, be sure to warn the girlfriend, chinabandam and so that the hand does not fall.


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